Tuesday, July 27, 2010



rm33 (excluding postage) each

for one set of plain inner(rm11) + hippi shawl (save up t0 rm4 each )
for one set of Yuna plain inner with awning(rm20) + hippi shawl (save up t0 rm4 each )
for one set of Yuna plain inner(rm30) + hippi shawl (save up t0 rm4 each )

material: Cotton Spandex Shawl/ Cotton Creape
(light cotton, soft material. bkn cotton yg tebal yg raser berat bile dililit dikepala ok.)
canteq digayakan dengan Yuna Plain inner. ade STYLE =)

Length : 1.6 m
color: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors

ex: sa383

front view

side view

code start from left:

sa382(Fuchsia + purple kelim) - SOLD Faten
sa383(yellow + purple kelim) - SOLD
sa384(peach + yellow kelim) - SOLD

sa385(khaki + bittersweat kelim) - SOLD Nur Hidayah
sa386(cerise pink + yellow kelim) - SOLD
sa387(carolina blue + cobalt kelim) - SOLD

sa388(cerise pink + yellow kelim) - SOLD
sa389(otter brown + pine green kelim) - SOLD M
sa390(scobeloff + white kelim) - SOLD M

sa391(crimson glory + cornflower blue kelim) - SOLD Juniza
sa392(french Beige + purple kelim) - SOLD Illianni
sa393(rich carmine + crimson glory kelim) - SOLD

sa394(midnight blue+ medium blue kelim) - SOLD Sara
sa395(french Beige + pale plum kelim) - SOLD
sa396(gray + yellow green kelim) - SOLD

sa397(la salle green + dark magenta) - SOLD Sara
sa398(ecru + jade kelim) - SOLD Faten
sa399(bistre + emerald kelim) - SOLD Sara

sa400(midnight blue+ venetian red kelim) - SOLD Faten
sa401(venetian red+ yellow kelim) - SOLD Sara
sa402(plum+ rich lavender kelim) - SOLD Sara

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