Monday, August 9, 2010

sulam tangan Pakistan

rm24 (excluding postage) each

material: soft jorjet
Length : 1.56 m

new colors added, n thanx 2 Allah we are able to sold it cheaper than b4 =)
* indicates new color

** click here for more picture

sa422 (Gray) -SOLD Y

sa423 (Sinopia)- SOLD Yuliana
sa424 (pearly white) - SOLD Amira

sa425 (Green olive) - SOLD Azrien
sa426 (Byzantium)- SOLD Eifa
sa427 (baby blue)* -SOLD Syuhada

sa428 (Saddle Brown)* - SOLD Khazian
sa429 (Pale Silver)*- SOLD Aini,SOLD norlida
sa430 ( Brown)* - SOLD aini, SOLD Y,SOLD norlida

sa431 (Ferrari red)* - SOLD Azrien
sa432 (Brilliant Lavender)*- SOLD Aini,SOLD Ikim
sa433 (Black) - SOLD Hanis, SOLD Norain, SOLD Fifi,
SOLD Siti Maizatul

sa434 (Chocolate)* - SOLD
sa435 (Sandy Taupe)* - SOLD Azrien
sa436 (Candy Pink)* -SOLD Y

sa437 (Peach-orange) - SOLD Fide, SOLD One nie
sa438 (Purple)- SOLD norlida, SOLD Hidayah
sa439 (Carnation pink) - SOLD, SOLD Hafiza

sa440 (Shocking Pink) - SOLD Nadia
sa441 (Iris)- SOLD Aini
sa442 (Antique Fuchsia) - SOLD

sa443 (Dark Magenta) - SOLD Fifi
sa444 (Fulvous)- SOLD Nadia

sa445 (Maroon) - SOLD Aini, SOLD Khazian, SOLD Azlina
sa446 (Cream)- 2 SOLD Y
sa447 (Magenta Process) - SOLD Eifa

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